Chubbys North Gentlemen's Club

Chubbys North Gentlemen's Club

  • N14684 Koser Ave, Stanley, Wisconsin
  • Phone: 715-644-5001
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Sexyone says:
2013-10-20 01:20:24

I went when the last owners had it on 4 different occasions and it was freakin awesome everytime!!!! They even let me dance a whole night just like I was one of the girls. Too bad they don't still have it! Is it open again yet?!?! Would like to see how the new owners compare to the last!

TJ says:
2013-02-15 00:26:31

Well I thought it was going to be a good night, but as soon as I paid my $60 to get three lap dances it seems as if I had the plague. Couldn't get any grils attention even though I spent roughly $30 in tips. I guess I am just a perv, but figureed the ones who spent the money would receive more attention, guess I was wrong. Btw only received one lap dance for the $60 spent.

boobman says:
2010-10-10 23:50:44

It was my first time visiting Chubbys North and it was nice. Even though it was a Sunday night and the place wasn't super busy, I had a good time. The 3 dancers there were all nice and not clingy or beggars. I got a lap dance from a smokin' hot petite black girl named Exquisite and she was! Very hot and loved her boobs! One of the best lap dances I've had in a while! It was also nice that th... view full comment

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