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We feature Strip Club reviews of hundreds of nude strip clubs around the country, all on our strip club list. The reviews are written with practicality in mind, and include such criteria as the size of the space, lapdance contact, stage show, attractiveness of dancers, etc... Also, reviewers help you understand how much a night out will cost at a particular strip club, how much drinks cost, and other useful information. In addition, the night club reviews include grades as per various categories to inform you which are high quality and expensive clubs, which are down to Earth and friendly, and they include information about upcoming events at the most popular strip clubs. We have the best strip clubs exposed!.

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  • 16906 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, Virginia
  • Phone: 757-887-5531

Candy Bar

  • 3904 Hull St Rd, Richmond, Virginia
  • Phone: 804-232-5176

Based on 1 review.

Crystal City Restaurant

  • 422 23rd St S, Arlington, Virginia
  • Phone: 703-892-0726


  • 16916 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, Virginia
  • Phone: 757-369-2429


  • 3508 George Washington Hwy, Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Phone:

Paper Moon - Richmond

  • 3300 Norfolk St, Richmond, Virginia
  • Phone: 804-353-4386

Paper Moon - South Side

  • 6710 Midlothian Tpke, Richmond, Virginia
  • Phone: 804-674-0790

This site includes much more, however, than strip club reviews. If you are looking for a job as a dancer, for example, this site can help you land a high-paying job at a great club. To sum up, our site includes mountains of information about striptease and strip club search, and so if you enjoy the clubs as much as we do, our site can help you get the most from your experience.

If you know anything about the strip club scene, then you know that no two clubs are alike, even if they all have a common denominator; scantily clad women. But even on this point, the nude strip clubs differ in their style, environment, overall vibe, which is ultimately reflected in the type of clientele and price. In the old days, meaning before the Internet, you would go to explore the strip club scene at the peril of your pocketbook, armed with nothing more than a pile of 20-dollar bills. Sure, that was a fun, hands-on way to learn about the clubs, but it got expensive pretty fast. And when you finally found our site with strip clubs exposed, you might say to yourself, “Now, I wish someone had told me about this place before!” That’s what is here to do. Sure, in the old days you could read the occassional gentlemens club reviews in magazines, but nothing on the order of a systematic approach, as is found on this site. Reading a few night club reviews can save you time and money; you can avoid places that aren't your scene and focus your energies on clubs that hold out the highest promise of a good time - in your style. All of this works towards increasing the fun factor when you go out, maximizing the titillation of the club experience, which is why we go, after all. So, do your homework, explore our strip club list and get out there.