Visions - Madison

Visions - Madison

  • 3554 E Washington Ave, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Phone: 608-244-9771
2.5000 Star Rating
2.5000 out of 5

Based on 2 reviews.

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Mike says:
2010-11-25 16:45:04

I think how you feel about this club depends entirely on what you're looking for in a club. I like the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere and down to earth attitudes. I've been to Visions 3 times now, twice as a designated driver and once just for the hell of it. I had a good time all 3 times. The drinks are cheap, the girls are friendly and the stage is just the right size. Not so big that you ha... view full comment

Astrin says:
2010-09-21 17:17:34

Even though Visions is by far the closest strip club to my home, I almost never go there. It is, basically, a pretty low-end club. The beer is awful, the drinks are bad, the girls are immature and pretty much ignore the customers, and a lot of the guys there should really take their baseball caps off. If you're looking for a club with grown-ups, head to Outer Limits or another club. Visions is... view full comment

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