Jaguars Gold Club - Longview

Jaguars Gold Club - Longview

  • 4714 Estes Pky, Longview, Texas
  • Phone: 903-753-1863
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Guy says:
2012-07-11 07:53:08

Traveling through town stopped in with a six pack. Early on, the place was dead. After awhile it picked up. The later in the evning, the more women and some really fine girls were dancing. They had Ac/Dc with smoke and a great speaker system. I got numerous dances with a young hottie that looked like a blonde Gina Gershon.

Charlie Scovel says:
2010-11-17 21:47:58

overall the dancers are very friendly and very sexy, as in any club there are a few that are stuck-up but there is always a friendly face in the club...

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