Tiffany's Dolls

Tiffany's Dolls

  • 10780 Market St, North Lima, Ohio
  • Phone: 330-549-2570
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Tommy(red) says:
2012-11-27 15:21:21

This club never changes. This was time when I had a good time here. But those days are over aparently. My last visit here was money sucking hurtful. I'm not a cheap person but when you expect to get tipped for bad service and bad attitude, then you might wanna change you occupation.

Michale says:
2011-03-17 23:03:56

New management made a big difference- the place feels more upbeat and friendly as a whole. Most of the girls were very nice and willing to talk/hangout with you even if you werent waving money around. Drinks were a little pricey but you expect that at clubs- you ARE paying for the scenery and company around you, if you want a $2 drink go to a local bar lol

Josie says:
2011-01-15 16:19:09

This club is an absolute disgrace. Not only were the dancers completely rude but when I has tried to tip a server, I was informed that the rude bartender took her tip & she didn't receive it. The club itself looks abandoned & run down. Also the drink are completely over priced. This club was disgusting & undeserving of any business.

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