Lollipop - Havelock

Lollipop - Havelock

  • 400B Fontana Blvd, Havelock, North Carolina
  • Phone: 252-447-7425
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3.4000 out of 5

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Patrick Martyn-Dow says:
2014-01-03 23:44:01

I am the new General Manager of Lollipop's & Olivia's. I just wanted to post here al let everyone know that the problems that had been reported have been resolved, and the bartender/manager that was here is no longer with either club. I invite you to come see the club and let me know how we have improved and what we can do better. Thank you.

teddy says:
2013-01-27 12:30:01

Terrible atmosphere. only strip club in the area and they know it besides Olivia's which has the same owner. Over priced. Terrible girls all anorexic no titties or tits sag to the ground, look like crack head. Actually think a few of them might be meth heads. And terrible customer service main bartender has such a attitude and will destroy a mood in a second with the old age ridden I hate the wo... view full comment

Ashely says:
2010-10-17 02:06:21

They SUCK, Olivia's is better! Oh, by the way thank you staff member for kicking a hott ass girl out of the club for peeing in the men's room, then peeking to see if she had a vag. She has a vag and you kicked the hottest vag that was in that place out!!!!!!!!

ash says:
2010-10-17 02:50:08

the staff (infections) members suck. They are chuncky men with no balls.

Brittany says:
2010-08-14 18:02:57

first off this club sucks. one it has cock roaches in it . 2 the strippers talk bad about each other and try to fight in front of customers and cant leave there personal lives at home. and most of them are sluts . the bouncers never do there jobs. its so freaking small like no joke the stage is a joke as well. its like a whole in the wall strip club.

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