Club Castaway

Club Castaway

  • US-5, Whately, Massachusetts
  • Phone: 413-665-8733
4.2857 Star Rating
4.2857 out of 5

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DS says:
2013-11-16 14:31:37

Like the place. Went in last night and saw this perfect girl in a little black dress , long hair, beautiful sophisticated, drinking wine, laughing talking Was not expecting that in the middle of no where. Riyah , beautiful Indian girl. Just made my night. I think the only reason for me to go back there and it's worth my 2 hours drive.

Steve says:
2013-10-10 16:56:36

Had a great time with Dream Wensday night. Your freaky friend.

Brian says:
2013-08-20 17:58:03

Just left there and all the girls were very nice and beautiful.Club was clean,music could have better choices.

chris says:
2013-06-27 23:23:10

i think all the girls there should get raises they are the best!!!! sammi is my favorite!!!!

Bob says:
2012-04-17 19:05:49

Girls are very good, quite friendly, Mekayla, Lexus,Tia very good.Sammi terrible. Nice atmosphere

VTer says:
2011-08-03 08:38:18

Good draft beer choices with mixed quality dancers. Some of the gals would do well to recognise NONE of the clientel are fans of ghetto music. More then once I've seen business men walk out rather then listen to that crap.

JD says:
2011-03-19 22:18:21

Over all dollar value 8/10 Dancers 9/10 club 9/10

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