Concepts Lounge Showgirls

Concepts Lounge Showgirls

  • 603 Arch St, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
  • Phone: 812-539-2603
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Tommy says:
2012-05-25 15:28:38

I went on Friday night. I had several girls asking me for money to play music. I felt that was super odd! It was never ending. I found the servers to be very pushy. I tip very well when I am appreciated. I did not tipper the older lady for my third beer because I already shelled out 5.00 in tips for her for my first two. She called me a cheap mother fucker under her breath. I spent a decent amou... view full comment

Big Daddy says:
2012-02-23 04:21:46

Concepts has to be the worst strip club I have ever been to in my life. You would be better off setting your money on fire than going to this club. I say this as someone who has a TON of experience with this place. First off, the place is dirty, when I went on this particular occasion (which will definitely be my last) there was dirt all over the place, litter on the floor, gum and beer spilled ev... view full comment

anxious augie says:
2011-11-21 00:06:39

the girls were all on drugs with track marks and the club is trashy and small and the girls were skaggy

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