Deja Vu Showgirls - Lake Station

Deja Vu Showgirls - Lake Station

  • 2491 Ripley St, Lake Station, Indiana
  • Phone: 219-962-4398
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3.0000 out of 5

Based on 2 reviews.

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alex says:
2014-05-01 23:13:39

I went there a few weeks ago for a bachelor party. really great entertainment. sucked that it wasnt a nude club. I recommend getting a dance from Olivia and Chaos. hottest girls there

Dman2900 says:
2012-01-02 00:31:57

Went Friday night.....Only 3 girls that knew what they were doing. One made comment "This is hard to do sober!" Others looked like meth-heads with bad teeth and one looked stoned off her ass, Laylonie, no moves on stage and didn't even get naked at all.....Ivy, Paige and the Twins were great on the Pole......Others left a lot to be desired....

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