Visions - Maumelle

Visions - Maumelle

  • 7900 Bicentennial Road, Maumelle, Arkansas
  • Phone: 501-851-6083
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Tech says:
2014-08-10 02:30:15

The place is nice, but the management is stupid. At times their are a lot more girls then costumers which means not a lot of income for the strippers. I've been their when the place was packed and their is hardly any tipping for the stage because everyone is distracted by the girls off stage.

clsinger says:
2012-09-20 04:58:08

If I could give it 0 stars I would. I am utterly disgusted at the management. This is aimed torwards the bald dude with glasses who kicked me and my friend out and I don't even know what the fuck happened! The only conclusion I made was that if you are not an old rich white dude with money then don't waste yer time cause if you don't have money they will kick you out no questions asked. This i... view full comment

jonp says:
2012-08-07 16:19:33

was there friday for a bday party. my buddies and i met 2 great and beautiful girls named Kendall and electra. my buddies bought dances from kendall all night. totally worth it, all the girls were friendly and very pretty. by far best club in the state. if you want some sexy class i suggest visiting kendall and her friend electre

starstruck says:
2012-06-10 19:26:01

Haven't been here for awhile, lots of new faces. Did happen to notice a gorgeous exotic girl who looked to be indian or maybe arab, her stage performance was spectacular. My only complaint is that I never got a chance to speak with her. There was another girl that was real tall with huge tits that looked natural and a red corset who I got quite a few dances from, I will surely be coming back to s... view full comment

Mr. Regular says:
2011-10-16 12:44:54

I have been to this club SEVERAL times. I have visited weekdays and weekends. There are more girls that are an 8-10+(looks) than not, majority of the time. If you are coming to watch the show there is one girl there that has definitely set the bar for the rest. She goes by ONYA. I see her frequently there. She has such a great down to earth personality. She puts on such an amazing show! It is neve... view full comment

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