The Pony - Huntsville

The Pony - Huntsville

  • 141 Ware Dr, Huntsville, Alabama
  • Phone: 256-859-6607
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SylP says:
2011-07-10 23:57:26

My husband and I went there last night. It was my first time going to a strip club ever! And it was really nice, exactly what I pictured a classy strip club to be. The dancer's and waitresses were really nice, and the majority of them were really attractive. We had a good time, just kinda wished there was a lil more room and some pool tables :)

jjs says:
2011-06-19 12:23:49

Fantastic club...very friendly dancers....pat down before entering was a hint to the gang-crap in the area...will visit again.....hi Bentley :-)

JONBOY says:
2011-06-05 20:02:29

Me and my wife and 2 other couples visited the club this past Saturday night. The club is wayyyyyyyy to small for the amount of people and the advertisement The Pony does. Gonna have to get more seats and tables. Standing room only and couldnt even get to the stages to tip because there were 50 kids sitting in there chairs by the stage drinking colas and not tipping the dancers. Also the DANCER... view full comment

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